Distortions and potential differences in an Ethernet network reduce the performance or cause a total failure of one or more network devices.
It is well known that the quality of the Ethernet connections affects the maximum speed and data integrity within a Network.  Industrial or Laboratory Equipments are sensitive to this issue and it is highly recommended to solve this problem.
Also Server or Switches  with connection to many different Network devices maybe disturbed if some Ethernet line enter potential differences and distortion into the clean network.
The overall quality of an Ethernet connection is increased by eliminating potential differences and by avoiding the coupling and forwarding of distortions via traditional Ethernet cables.

The Ethernet EMV-Protection 100BASE fiber can
simply plugged in between tow Ethernet devices.  This
eliminates any potential differences, and block the 
distortion or spikes from passing thru.  This protects the
Ethernet inputs and avoids damages or peed losses
caused by spikes or over voltage coupled to the Ethernet

Ethernet EMV-Scutz


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